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South East Devon Habitat Regulations needed to refresh and add custom interpretation panels in important conservations areas in south east devon, to guide and inform the public of the various projects, wildlife and routes around these areas. The interpretation panels need to be robust, using 6mm acrylic with anti graffiti laminate, the frames need to be FSC Oak and have the ability to be easily interchangeable as the interpretation panels will be switched over throughout the year as the seasons change.

South East Devon Habitat Regulations provided us with the artwork that needed to be applied onto the 6mm acrylic interpretation panels. Once received, the design team got to work on scaling the artwork up for the various sizes of artwork, the panels ranges from A0, A1, A2, A3 and square.

Once the final design and size was signed off for the various graphics, we printed full scale samples of each of the graphics so the customer was able to confirm they were happy with the quality and finish of the we were installing.

Next stage was to order in the FSC Oak from a local timber merchant and get to work on routing and cutting the frames into shape in our workshop. Due to the different sizes and uses of the interpretation panels, we made 2 style of frames for different fixings. Once all the frame profiles were routed out and the backing boards were cut to size using marine ply, the frames were then pieced together ensuring one side of the frame is easily accessible using security screws so that the internal panels are interchangeable.

The final stages once the frames were constructed was for a final sand down and a coat of danish oil to give it extra protection. The acrylics were then able to slide inside the secure frame ready for installation by the park rangers. To find out more about working with Bayside Signs & Display on your signage and display projects, speak to our team on 01626 337337 or email us at

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