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  /  Marketing   /  Building Brands in Plymouth: A Resounding Success for Bayside

The recent Building Brands event in Plymouth proved to be an extraordinary platform for us to showcase our products and services. As one of the main sponsors, Bayside Signs & Display seized this opportunity to display its expertise in large format printing and point of sale solutions. With an innovative and sustainable stand made entirely from recyclable cardboard, the event provided the perfect stage to impress attendees.

A Vibrant Display of Creativity and Expertise

At Building Brands, Bayside Signs & Display set out to demonstrate its commitment to delivering exceptional printing solutions while embracing sustainability. The stand, crafted entirely from eco-friendly cardboard, exuded an inviting and visually striking ambiance. Its sleek design effortlessly captured the attention of visitors, creating an immediate visual impact. By showcasing an array of large format prints and point of sale materials, Bayside Signs & Display exemplified its dedication to offering high-quality products that help businesses effectively promote their brands.

Making a Lasting Impression

The exhibition at Plymouth University provided an ideal opportunity for us to engage with a diverse range of attendees, including industry professionals, potential clients, and curious individuals seeking innovative branding solutions. By showcasing our printing prowess through an eye-catching display, ¬†we left an indelible impression on visitors. The combination of striking visuals and eco-friendly materials reinforced the company’s dedication to excellence and sustainability.

A Testament to Sustainable Innovation

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, our commitment to sustainability was commendable. By creating a stand entirely from recyclable cardboard, we demonstrated its desire to reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining the highest standards of design and functionality. The eco-friendly stand not only showcased our printing capabilities but also served as a conversation starter about the importance of sustainable practices in the signage industry. Attendees were impressed not only by the quality of the large format prints but also by the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to preserving the environment.

Wrapping Up…

The Building Brands event served as an exceptional platform for Bayside to exhibit its large format printing and point of sale services. Through an innovative and visually striking display made from fully recyclable cardboard, we successfully captivated attendees’ attention and left a lasting impression. Our commitment to sustainability and dedication to delivering top-quality products were evident throughout the event, positioning the company as a leader in the signage industry. The exhibition was undoubtedly a tremendous success and further solidified our reputation for excellence.

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