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Fresh Pizza Signage Illuminated Sign

No matter what industry that you’re in, if you’re choosing signage, and looking at exterior signs in particular, illuminated company signage is one consideration you can’t afford to ignore.

Indeed, illuminated company signs can be transformative for your brand and your business, working wonders for reinforcing your external branding whilst also helping customers, other visitors and passers-by (including passing trade) to notice (and find) your premises.

What’s more, this kind of external signage can work in a variety of settings, including retail and office spaces, new housing developments and potentially even educational environments.

Equally, illuminated signage comes in more shapes and sizes than you may have realised, from options with backlit lettering and logos to neon strips and backlit acrylic sign boards.

So what are the benefits of using illuminated company signs? 

Before you make any final decisions on what signage to use for your own business, don’t discount backlit signs. In fact, there are many reasons why investing in illuminated company signage can really pay off. Here are some of them:

Give your brand event, or building that little extra something!

Backlit signs really do give your branding an extra push, making your business stand out and giving you a definite edge over more traditional, unlit signage. In locations from housing developments to hotels, illuminated signs can definitely and significantly enhance the appearance of your premises.

Switch on the mood lighting 

Illuminated signs can do a great deal to contribute to a venue’s ambience, bringing light to dark corners or other areas which don’t receive much natural daylight and giving the place a vibe of your choosing. Think about how home lighting can add depth and ambience – backlit signage does exactly the same.

Stand out after dark!  

For those places which are open for business after the sun goes down, exterior illuminated signage can help customers, passing trade and others find you more easily, especially when rain, fog or similar weather conditions are causing poor visibility.

In fact, visibility generally is improved if you’re displaying signage in a dark spot or similarly less-than-ideal location – your brand will still stand out.

Be visible at any time of the day! 

However, even if you run a business during standard working hours, outside backlit signs can assist with promoting your business 24 hours a day to anyone who is walking or driving past.

Sustainability is key 

Thanks to the latest advances in lighting technology, and assuming you choose a signage company which has made significant investments in sustainability, illuminated signage can in fact be highly energy-efficient, particularly if you go for signage incorporating Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which are really popular and widely used today across a range of applications. That’s because they’re small, long-lasting and versatile and you can incorporate them into a wide variety of designs in different ways. Additionally, they remain cool when switched on, so you don’t lose energy through heat. What’s more, they’re cost-effective, so you won’t break the bank.

Indoor or outdoor?

While exterior backlit signage definitely has numerous advantages, illuminated signs can also work just as well as interior signage. And that’s as true of shops and window displays as it is of office branding and hoarding boards, as well as exhibition and trade show environments.

Classing up a joint

Especially if you’re the owner of or working with a luxury brand, such as a five-star hotel or a designer retail outlet, illuminated signs will look extremely classy. They can create a firm sense of prestige, conveying that what you offer is more upmarket, luxurious and aspirational than your competitors’ offerings. Tasteful illuminated interior or exterior signage can seriously elevate the way customers perceive your brand.

What industries can benefit from illuminated company signage?

Particularly given that technological advances are making illuminated signs increasingly energy-efficient, thus complementing your business’s sustainability efforts, this signage has become a staple of many marketing and branding strategies.

Just about any business can potentially benefit from having its brand brought to life, so almost any sector can experience the advantages. 

These include:

· Retail stores (e.g. window displays)

· Interior and exterior signage in offices

· The hospitality industry, across pubs, bars and restaurants

· New housing developments

· Hoarding boards and similar signage

· Exhibition graphics and signage – also at trade shows and similar events

· Wayfinding signage

· Stadium signage

· Hotel signage

In summary, stylish, glowing signage can shine all day and night, boost your branding’s presentation and help you stand out from the competition – all without costing a fortune, or indeed the earth.

Speak to us about illuminated signage 

Your business signage is one of your most vital assets as far as marketing is concerned. After all, people see the signage before they see anything else when they arrive at your premises. Talk to us about backlit signs today. Get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat about what we could do for your brand and business – and quite literally ‘outshine’ the competition!

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