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In today’s modern age, it can be challenging for small retailers and other small businesses to stand out from the crowd. The high street is full to the brim of competing brands. One of the best, and still the most traditional, ways of standing out this is through great signage. More often than not, small businesses tend to have limited budget which constrains them. Let us tell you that focusing more on this area of your operation can deliver huge dividends and increase that all-important footfall. Ready to find out more about how to elevate your business signage if you’re a small business? Read on! 

Take a walk in your customers shoes!

Before you get started with your signage, you need to ensure that you are clear with yourself about what you need the signage to do. More importantly, who you will be talking to and what questions they may be asking! The key with signage is that it is enduring and will continue to deliver way past your initial investment. You also need to ensure that any signage is future-proofed as it can be something that you add to over time, especially if there are budget constraints. 

Before you do anything else, the first important task to do is to step outside your business. View your current signage (if you have any!) and look at it from your customer’s point of view. How clear are the signs? Do they have an impact? Do they make customers want to choose your business over a competitor?

You can also then take in your surroundings. Look at the surrounding businesses and see what sort of signage they have and consider why it makes a difference.

Nail down your Font, Colour, and Visibility

Branding of your business is so key in making your business stand out. All businesses want their signage to be highly visible and match the quality of their brand. Aspects such as font and colour may seem of little importance, but they are critical in perception and how you get noticed on the high street.

If your business is out in more rural areas, for example, if you’re a hotel on a country lane, signage is critical in creating a welcoming first gesture to passing customers and attracting attention. It needs to be impressive and informative.

Types of Small Business Signage

When considering signage, many businesses just tend to focus on the over-the-store sign and that’s it. But there are lots of different options and they don’t need to be expensive. Here are just some examples:

A-Frame Signs

These have the advantage of being mobile and are essentially small sandwich boards with your advertising message on them that can be placed in the street. They can boost footfall for your business by more than 8% if you choose the right messaging! For example, many pubs, restaurants, and cafes use them to highlight the day’s specials or deals on beers and spirits.

The other benefits of A-frame signs are that they are very affordable, and you can change your business or marketing message at will.

Window Graphics and Wall Murals

You’re missing a trick or two if you don’t utilise spaces such as your store windows or the walls. You can now get high-quality graphics that stick to the inside of the window or on stone walls. You can use these both inside your business and outside, they have great durability and allow you to be more expansive with your branding messages.

Again, these are a relatively small investment for the amount of advertising they give your business over a long period.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are more expensive but quite powerful in visibility terms. These are tailored business signs that can be installed next to roadways or streetside. They are particularly beneficial to businesses such as hotels and can have the added advantage of interior lighting for night-time visibility.

Review Your Small Business Signage Regularly

Finally, you should review how your signage is working at various intervals and find ways to improve it if need be. Even small changes can make a big difference, especially on the high street.

Contact us today! 

Why not start your small business signage journey today! With the expert signage makers at Bayside Graphics, we’re on hand to help with all your signage needs. We have a number of years of experience in sign making, from LED signs to totem signs, our team can cover everything to suit your needs and requirements. What are you waiting for, get in touch with us today!