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We all go into buying something and most times, we end up with products with all whistles and bells and not with the value-priced products. All marketers look for a way to better work with sales and marketing. To achieve better results, most times, they have to be flexible, open-minded and try something new. Below are some effective top marketing tips you should try out to brush up your skills:

  1. Use the power of customer reviews

We all know the important of using customer reviews. , 88% of clients trust personal recommendations and online reviews – based on the SEL research. If you know people who have already bought, use and enjoyed your product or services, you can kindly contact them and ask them to give you reviews. Client reviews help you boost your visibility and traffic. It has been shown that products and services with ratings can sell up to 200% than products without any ratings. Your prospective customers will know what to expect when they read customer reviews. You can also make use of their reviews to find solution to your flaws and provide excellent customer service.

  1. Offer sales and discounts

Discounts and multiple sales can be one of the best ways to drive sales and convert potential buyers into qualified leads. There are a number of ways to offer sales and discounts. You can offer sales and discounts at the end of a month to increase revenues. You can deliver your discounts and offers to your customers’ emails and encourage them to buy products at half price. You will get the chance to boost conversions and market your products and services in the future.

  1. Provide something free

As you know, we all love free things. You can offer some cheap quality products that may not worth good money as a bonus freebie. However, if you are selling expensive and luxury goods, you can offer free shipping because of the desire to pay more for this higher quality item. People will buy goods with low price even if it is of low quality because it costs them nothing.

  1. Use social media

Web navigation, good design, a wide range of items, all these things are great. However, without videos, interesting stories and images, you can’t reach a large effect. Do not focus much on volume but on quality and find right social media channels and share your products and services with customers. You need to find time to respond to questions posted by your customers and potential customers. The goal of using social media is to share something meaningful with your followers to boost your sales.

  1. Leave clear actions

The goal is to boost sales and improve your marketing strategies; you don’t need to speak in generalities. You should let your customers know your clear actions before taking the buying decision. To make this possible, you need to use the right call-to-action for clients to perform a target task. You can add time limitation and a sense of urgency to force your customers to buy your products and boost your sales.

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